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Our makeup becomes an alluring accent instead of a means to cover up imperfections with our unique, mineral-based compacts and liquid foundation products from Annette 2 Cosmetiques, Inc.

Take your skin’s health seriously with specially-engineered Black skin care products that enhance your looks while providing excellent skin conditioning.  Now have the skin you have always wanted . . . with a deep clean and natural glow!

We’re the First African-American National Sponsor for the United Negro College Fund™

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Created by a women of color for women of color, take great care of your beautiful skin with Black cosmetics from Annette 2 Cosmetiques, Inc.  Our Black skin care and cosmetics products for women and men of color are the result of five years of research and development by Annette and Bill Hamilton. Conceived, developed, and formulated as a Rolls-Royce™ product for a Rolls-Royce woman like you. Our color selection is specifically for women of color, and we provide outstanding customer service to help you identify your special needs. We spend the time and ask the questions necessary to understand your desires, and offer a 100% guarantee.

Annette's Picks

The Eyes Have It! Featuring:
Lash Thickener and Volume X Mascara

Volume X Mascara

Lash Thickener

Pre-mascara essential. Special strengthening formula creates longer, thicker lashes. Can be used between coats to build-in extra support.
Price: $ 25

VolumeX Mascara

 Plump up the volume with lashes that are fatter, thicker, larger-than-life! This long-wearing formula doesn't flake, clump or smudge.
Price: $ 25

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