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Skin Care Solutions for Women and Men of Color

Welcome to a proven concept in proper skin care - a miraculous way to help keep your skin youthful through the use of Annette 2 Cosmetiques. Our skin care treatment lines contain carefully selected herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals - combined to provide beneficial nutrients to the skin in order to achieve the most natural healthy and youthful appearance.

Skin Care Products

We offer four different skin care systems designed specifically for the needs of Black women. When you’re ready to stop buying non-specific drug store makeup and take care of your skin the way it was meant to be taken care of, our products are the right answer.

Oil Defense System | $149.50

Our oil defense system allows you to remove dark spots and even out your skin tone while minimizing excess oils. Explore this treatment line as a first line of protection.

Vitamin C System | $222.50

This unique brightening system generally exfoliates and strengthens your dermal cells. The vitamin C line of products helps nourish your skin completely.

Papaya Enzyme Anti-Aging System | $179.50

Lavish yourself with our papaya enzyme system. This islands-inspired treatment line helps accelerate your cell turnover and speeds up the production of fresh younger cells.

Mr. Class Facial Skin Care System | $149.50

This system helps remove and prevent RAZOR BUMPS naturally without the use of lye. 

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